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Linda Zambrano Dachova

Hospitality expert willing to help you to reach your goals. Author of eBook about service and hospitality From Zero to Hero and How to get a dream job. More on
30.7. 2019

We all have a choice

Hospitality business is great. Can give a lot. Opportunities, stories, life. Is only up to you what youtake from it. You always havea choice. Follow your dreams.

10.7. 2019

Be yourself

We live in the 21st century. The role and position of partners in society has changed enormoursly compared to 100 years ago. Today, two-career marriages and relations are nothing special. It is important to interplay and respect each other. Sometimes, for a variety of reasons, the couple will make a decision that one of the partners will...

27.6. 2019

Little joys of life

Little joys of life – such as a train journey. I recently went to the capital to visit a friend. It is with a speed train for about 4 hours. I was well prepared, and the computer went with me. It is unbelievable how much can happen in that time. As soon as I started to create something, the Miss siting...

5.2. 2019

This was a beggining…

Hospitality story about how to provide the service for guests and live your dream on the same time. #worldoflinda #travel #cruiselife🚢 #happiness #mundodelinda #cruisin #dreamjob ##saturdaynight #onlinebusiness #onlinecoaching #restaurant #hotel

Linda - expert on customer service
5.2. 2019

Live your dreams!!!!!!

Dream JOB… what is it like? First of all you have to enjoy and have fun. It doesn’t matter what you are paid for. If you’re not happy with it, it’s time to change. Read the following for inspiration. Traveling to Mexico or the Dominican Republic is always an experience. I’m writing it right now...

5.2. 2019

Why i decided to write a blog

I have a dream job and I live a life I dreamed of. However, when I was looking for the necessary information to help my friends, I couldn’t find NOTHING. That was the first impulse to go into it. Second – years ago when I started out, I would be grateful for any information. But again – there was NOTHING. Now I have the...

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