Be yourself

Be yourself – like this you reach more.

We live in the 21st century. The role and position of partners in society has changed enormoursly compared to 100 years ago. Today, two-career marriages and relations are nothing special. It is important to interplay and respect each other.

Sometimes, for a variety of reasons, the couple will make a decision that one of the partners will support the other in the career and other remains take care of the child and the household which means voluntarily renounces the previous work, the way of life.

And it doesn’t always have to be a woman. It is important to remain yourself throughout this process. It can only work perfectly if everyone involved is happy and happy with their roles.

Why am I writing about this topic? It’s still a taboo in this world. Everything is related and connected with everyday life. In the past, somehow, the woman – the mother – was expected to waived her lifetime exclusively to a children and family. It worked like that in a normal family. But… a man, a woman, and a child were considered a normal family.

Today it is common that a “normal” family is made up of two women – a mother who is a widow and has lost a partner and daughter who has children and the partner has simply left her. There is also a case when a mother left her child and this is cared for by father and his parents. When a divorced mother has the better opportunity to work abroad and leaves her children at home with her family, it is also rare. And it works. Children gets a lot of love and understanding, they are taken care of very well, they spend time with interesting activities.

There is no need to judge them now. But think about it. It is important for the next generation to grow up in peace, love and understanding. Many of our parents spent a lot of time with their grand parents. They learned a lot from them. Especially patience.

I met many people from all over the world. Everyone has a different reason for doing what they do. Some do it because they have no choice, some work abroad to secure the family, and some just do what they like. They collect experiences and think about their future.

We have to live here and now. When we stand on the past, nothing changes. Let’s go and let’s move forward. People mostly do not regret what they did but what they did not do. That is why it is necessary to think about what I can do today for a better tomorrow, with the fact that I live that moment today and do not just wait for what will be.

I met a friend who is taking care for 2 children, her husband doesn’t understand her. She worked on a project that the husband said was stupid. He give her all unexpected non helping situations – when she needed him to pick up the kids from the school and go to a training seminar, he always had something more important. And so she was helped by who could – neighbors, grandparents and childhood friends. She completed the project, started selling her products on the Internet. Today she has enough money to make everything from the house and has time for her children. And the husband spends more time in the pub than at home. He couldn’t get over it, that without his help, his wife succeeded. Now is up to her which way she decide to continue.

It is important to communicate – with yourself and then outside. If we are not honest to ourselves that we do not enjoy our work, or seriously do not want to be just housewifes, we must express ourselves. If we have a job that we enjoy but we are aware that time for a child is comming, we need to express ourselves. Talk to your partner, explain your desires and wishes. Only then they will be fulfilled.

If we just hide all this in ourselves and never show it, our lives will go in the direction we did not want to. And why? Because we didn’t want anything. So start with yourself – be yourself. Is time to follow your dreams!

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