And why DuoLife?

Why DuoLife? Since childhood, I have not liked medicines of any kind. It doesn’t matter if they were antibiotics or vitamins. Just… nothing for me. As I grew older, I turned more and more to alternative medicine. Yes, tea from grandma, herbs from mom and “guaranteed help” homemade honeys from a neighbor. While I was still at home, always found something to cure what was bothering me. When I started traveling the world, herbs were not allowed in the luggage, nor were home medicine. An friend from work brought with her a mixture of herbs for soothing tea from her homeland – a South American country – and a service dog at the airport could not take his eyes off her. During the search, it became clear that what is legal in one country may not be in another. Dear Rosa had with her, among other things, dried cannabis plants – marijuana. Since it was really a tea mixture and the frightened girl did not know what was going on, tea box was only taken away from her and she got a warning not to carry such products with her next time.

So when I needed something for stressed vocal chords, I had to go to the pharmacy. Sometimes I got syrup, sometimes pills. Once I discovered a homeopathic pharmacy and since then I have been taking these miracle pills – they are amazingly small – to suck till melt. I’ve already bought so many vitamins that ended up in the garbage bin after expiration date just because they were so huge and didn’t go down on my throat. After these wanderings around the world, I sometimes found liquid vitamin syrups . However, there were only a few and they were mostly sold only locally. Almost two years ago, I interrupted my journey for a global pandemic.

I stayed at home like most of the population and protected myself as much as possible – sitting in front of the TV, cooking and spending time with my family. One day, on a beautiful month of March , I accompanied my husband for a medical examination, and two days later we were both sick. We drank teas, fruit juices and followed the recommended regime. After 2 weeks we were really exhausted. I didn’t have energy for housework, I didn’t enjoy anything. My hair started to fall out and my teeth ached. At that time, one friend I met online advised me about DuoLife liquid vitamins. I took a couple of great looking bottles in two months. After Keratin, my hair started to grow thicker and healthier again, Vitamin C brightened my face and Chlorophyll gave me energy. Although I lost one tooth anyway, it is no longer a threat with Liquid Gold oil. Every day I take a “pinch” of my liquid vitamins and I have energy for the whole day. It tastes mostly fruity – Chlorophyll is mint, but I didn’t even have to keep it in the fridge, the water with it in my car lasted all day in the summer and didn’t spoil – and they are stored in the fridge after opening. But they are natural, certified and have a beautiful design. I’m just waiting for the first Healthy Bar to open where they will serve coffee and “shots” of health in the morning.

These gifts of nature must be used. The liquid form of vitamins is also great for children. Just pour it in tea and they will drink it. Kids don’t even have to know what’s in there. It’s enough that mom mixed up. DuoLife makes my day more beautiful. From early morning to late night. In the hairdressing salon, they already offer these colored bottles as well, and liquid Collagen goes like hot rolls for breakfast. Try it yourself, liquid vitamins are for everyone and for every day.

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