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Got your guest’s comments? Thank and answer, show you CARE.

Dear hospitality owners, workers, directors. As the time is passing by and more establishments has online comment system on different ways, have to follow up with customers also there. Important is to get a comment from your customer while is still in your venue, but often happened that guest from any reasons want to make a comments later on. On your own web or business profile you MUST respond as soon as possible.

Is very good to have in practice daily basis check on comments which are on travel portals or forums. For the company this is the way to build the trust and show that you CARE. Why am I writing about this? It is a part of service and customer care. This is a part of hospitality which is working online. This business is all about personal touch and clients – to make them feel good and welcome. Online comments are part of it, can do a good job, but also damage. Younger generation has a lots of friends and looking for the best. More choices, more looking and searching.

When the people choosing their vacations, service or repair, lately looking also for a good references. When you check the web or profile of your potential place where you would like to spend your money, you want this to be the way it suits you. When you looking for a nail technician, you find a perfect web and pictures, you call for appointment. Then the other side tells you that pictures are only for display, nails care they do not provide for last 6 months, what do you think? Or you go to repair your car and the service you choose from the web does not exist anymore. Well,things happened. Restaurant and hotel business also has a rules. Guest left you a nice comment about a wonderful family weekend. Just go there online and answer : THANK YOU. Other one commented that the food was just OK, but waiter nothing special. First of all, respond to the comment. Tell the client that you appreciate this remarks and opinion. Invite the guest to come back again. And of course, talk to your waiters.

When browsing the internet and choosing my future products and services, I am looking mostly the poor comments. Want to know how the owner answer. When the hair dresser, after damage the clients hair, gave a comment that “you choose that color”, is this professional? Or that food was not as expected and owner answer is“ come to try and cook”. Believe me , sometimes having a lots of fun but sadness as well. Services and hospitality will be always a part of our life.

Let show your professionalism and CARE.

Answer the comments and take the opportunity to thank to your customers. This is the most easy thing you can do – to present a good care and manners. This is also a part of the free marketing, where you can introduce yourself and your business. Social networks and forum webs deserve your attention. Customers are using them even before they know you. Give it an attention which deserve.

And who is your best customer? The one who gives you the most critics and suggestions. You have opportunity to improve, to learn, to make your business better.

Let the guests to make their part and you follow up. Communication is the basic and big part of success. Like this you can easy take control and do better. For yourself, business and clients.

Where is the CARE, there is more customers.

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