Stop – See – Listen and Do – CARE

In this difficult time you are getting back to your businesses. People – your guests – starting again to visit your establishments. No matter if it is a restaurant, hotel, beauty shop or bike rental. All of us were waiting last few months when the things will get back to operation. Shops will open, start to travel. Moment is here. Slowly, but surely getting there. Guests expect not only what they came for, but expecting a bit more. And here you are – back to basic- SERVICE.

Important in the first stage is to STOP and pay attention to client needs. Nothing is more important in the moment when the guests enter your door. Your clients deserve the full attention. You need to give it to them immediately. Guests are to be attended and noticed. Nice smile and warm greeting will do a big job. Be the first who say those warm words. Observe and SEE the reaction. Guests came to you because they know that will get what they need. Remember – first chance has to become not the last. This is the goal on every business. Turn the clients in your side. With simple smile and warm greeting. They will return to you again and again.

After you greet, concentrate for observation. Before the guests even say something you can see how they feel. With soft approach you will know soon what to do. Then follows the LISTEN part. Today is more important than ever to listen to your customers and let them finish the whole story. Patience is the key. When guests feels that someone cares and listen, you have already a big plus. Make sure all wishes and special orders are taken correctly. Even the car repair needs to know what the client want. Same with hairdresser, waiter or nail specialist.

Start to DO as soon you have all information needed. Your time is precious, guests even more. Prompt follow up, reassuring that service is exact what your client expect is the way to satisfaction and return. All business needs clients which returns. 20% of clients is making 80% of your business income. / The Pareto principle/ More returning guests,more good references, more new clients.

This 4 basic rules are the key to great service and clients satisfaction. This basic will get you closer to your guests and closer to your goals. This rules I am using in practice so many years and they works. When you do your business with a smile and welcome, clients will remember you. Not only at your work. While you walk on the street, people might greet you, smile on you and will come back to you. They will bring you their friends and family, because you made them feel attended.

Take opportunity and go for it. Today. Now you have a chance to create something different which was missing for last few months. Talk to your clients and show them that you care. You will doing it for now and for the future. Clients likes to come back where they feel LOVE

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