We all have a choice

Choice is yours
Choice is yours

Are you thinking how to make it from the paycheck to the next one? Well, miracles happen only occasionally and the lottery win is out of sight. Calculate all monthly budget and expenses and think about it. Do you need extra work or a higher income job?

I had this dilemma a few years ago. And the decision was up to me. Spending exceeded income, and at one point I thought that I wanted to live and not to survive!

So I decided. I changed my job, started to believe and fulfilled most of my dreams. Nowadays, for money relationships begin and end. And not just the partnership. I am talking about relationships in society, in the family, between the siblings.

The neighbors are envious of each other – but that’s actually a national sport. To look at why a neighbor has a new car, why his daughter is studying abroad, and why his wife has the new kitchen I have been looking for last 5 years and not and not to save money for that. However, what is worse my husband Fred when he has not taken me on vacation and the neighbor has been three times by the sea on holiday.

Well, we also need to look at it from a neighbor’s point of view. His new car was paid by a company where he works to travel to customers, his daughter won a scholarship at an international competition and was offered to study, his wife has a kitchen because they drowned it from above, and the insurance company covered it.

Think about how you can change your life for the better. Jealousy is certainly not the way. You haven’t talked to your brother for 10 years since your parents left him a house as the only single child in the family. You won’t even talk to your sister-in-law since she started hairdressing and she is doing well.

Try to go to your brother and ask him if he is not sad in the house alone. Maybe will invite you and your children regularly every weekend and you and your heart will be much better . And go get your hair done by sister-in-law , she will certainly give you a discount. You can use the money you saved for your manicure.

It is all connected in life. People come and go. Some will return, others will be there somewhere, and some will leave forever. Everyone has a different destiny and it is up to us how we make it.

We are humans and we have a choice. And it is this choice that makes us unique. It is this choice that makes us different. And we always have a choice. It’s up to you what you choose and in which direction you go.

Choose what you want, what you believe is right for you. No matter what your colleague Susan thinks about, who you meet every day and blame the whole world for your situation with, or that Paul from the side office that keeps telling you to make your investment.

Happiness is in you. Not around, not somewhere. If you don’t feel happy inside, it’s up to you to change it. When you change your mind, your life changes too. So don’t hesitate. And follow your dreams !!!!

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