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Summer trip to Hrebienok, Bilíkova chalet and The cold creek waterfalls – High Tatras Slovakia

Traveling is stopped at the moment, arrived the time to discover near by attractions. My home town Poprad is located in High Tatra mountain. This beautiful place is near Polish border and it takes less than 1 hour drive to get there. There is available few trips across the tourist routes. I chose the easy one – Stary Smokovec and Hrebienok.

From Poprad we took an electric train for 30 minutes to get to Stary Smokovec. Adult ticket is 1,50 EUR for one way. Tickets are available online, this make it easy. Electric train has 3 stops before reaching Stary Smokovec. Tourists are joining on every stop, hotels and private accommodation is located in all small villages around the Poprad and mountains. Sometimes in the summer time it might get a bit crowded.

Hign Tatras tourist map
High Tatras tourist map

When we reached Stary Smokovec, we continued all the way up around the Hotel Smokovec to Grand hotel and just behind this one is a train station to get to Hrebienok. Return ticket is 9 EURO and 10 minutes ride up. We just took tourist walk way, suppose to be 40 minutes trip. Nevermind, took us over 1 hour to get there. Weather was nice and sunny and we met a lots of tourist going both ways. This walkway is going across all High Tatra mountain. Tourists are usually booking one night stand on the chalets around and in the morning continues to their next destination.


Funicular to Hrebienok

Hrebienok is a lovely place with gorgeous view 1285m above the sea. Hrebienok has a few things to offer. Relax zone with wooden bear statues are perfect for pictures taking and kids entertainment. There is a summer tubing – sliding inside the gummy wheel. This is a lots of fun for all family. Single ticket is 2 EUR, 5 slides is 8 EURO. This place is used in winter also for sliding on the snow.

There is a station of funicular, where inside is located small Snack bar. Outside was build a Hrebienok restaurant with wide menu selection. Here you can also find a public toilets, which might be handy help when need. There is also miniatures of Tatra chalets with souvenir shops. Postcards, maps, fridge magnets will remind you that you visited this place.

A bit more further 1255 m above the sea is located Bilíkova chalet. Place is made of wood, offering accommodation and food in the typical restaurant. Menu was great,decided to come back after seeing waterfalls and have a lunch.

The Cold creek waterfalls are located about 20 minutes by walk from Bilíkova chalet. When you get there, place is beautiful. On the way we met a lots of tourists, also a few dogs. Way might get very crowded, good trekking shoes are recommended. Waterfalls are beautiful, refreshing, cool. There is a several spots for pictures taking. With a small children need to be a bit careful, might be slippery. Scenery is worth that walk. From waterfalls you can continue to Rainer ‘s chalet. For this time we ended our journey back to Billíkova chalet and had a lunch.

Restaurant is spacey and offering also summer terrace outside. Waiters are very polite and fast. Food was great, came quick also. For guests from the restaurant is available also toilet inside the building. Lunch took less than1 hour, went free to continue back to Stary Smokovec. Wetook a car road, where walking is very easy. Trip to Hrebienok on this road you can make also wit baby stroller. To waterfalls is going only the tourist road, not recommended for a babies in the stroller. Only when parents carry them, can go to see the falls.

Slovakia is beautiful, summer time or winter time. This trip took us half day with all travel from Poprad. 7 hours of mountain experience. Recommending for families,couples or just for anyone.

I am already planning our next trip…

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