Professionals at sea

Professionals are not born but they study, learn and observe.

To be the best – professional in your work, takes some time. After finishing the school, needs follow the practice and expertise. Observation is also included. This is a life time process. There is always something new, something to be learn on the journey. Modern way and internet helping to be flexible, open for innovations and on the top of what you are working on. One professor in university said to his students that is not important to know everything. Important is to know, where you can find what you do not know. Professional always find the way.


“A professional is a member of a profession or any person who earns their living from a specified professional activity. The term also describes the standards of education and training that prepare members of the profession with the particular knowledge and skills necessary to perform their specific role within that profession. “

Professionals at sea belongs to a special category. Those are the people who had to succeed on land and than changed the environment and learned. Like this became who they are. Professionals from cruise ships has to manage not only education, practice and work, but also safety related procedures. Every sea professional is not only expert in the work, but also has an important safety duties onboard. For this, every crew has to pass different safety, security and medical training. Final test and certification is a must and has a standard. Crew has to be also physically fit for duty. Positions onboard are different, but basic training is the same.

Most of the cruise professionals loves their job. Loves their career and would like to do what they were trained for, what they choose to do. Right now most of the sea professionals are working on land on positions which were available. Re – opened restaurants, shops and calling centers are full of workers which are former crew from the cruise ships and had to accept any job to provide the needs for their families. Managers became waiters, waiters farmers and some were not even able to get a job.

When cruises will open again, there will be a big need of this people who has education, training and willing to go back to their positions. It might happen that some of this professionals will just decide to stay at home and do something else. From different reason some former crew will not continue to work on the ship anymore. Already opened their own private businesses or working for corporations which was taking care of them past few months.

Cruise lines were lately taking a lots of responsibilities for their crew onboard, repatriated them back home to their families. As a crew are working for contracts, soon will be called back and companies will again provide the care which was stopped for a past few months. Hiring process will start again and lots of families will feel the difference in their income and their life. Sons, daughters, mothers and fathers will leave their family to go back to other family – working one, where all teams are supporting each other and giving a care and love to their customers.

Market of professionals is changing right now. Some are still working and were lucky to keep their positions, some had to change the industry and take the job where they starting from zero. Some established their own company or business to make something new. HR departments are having a difficult time now, too many applicants for one free position. Decisions are not easy. On the end – only person which is in this situation knows what to do.

For all professionals only one thing is important – to do what they love and keep their family taken care of. This is the main goal on this days. Lets get all better, more human. There is always a hope for better tomorrow where again will be need of all.

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