This was a beggining…

And this is how it started… one moment I realized that I really do not want to bury myself in the office and the only promotion I can get is a post after a pregnant F&B director who still pushes cases of fruit and a barrel of beer into the cellar in warehouse. At that moment I realized that this was not what I want. I have always wanted to travel, to dress nicely and have a job that will fulfill me. Presenting the company, myself and everything.

If you do something that does not feel like you and you feel unhappy, it is time to change. It’s time to step out of your comfort zone and start working on yourself. Sometimes even a small change can help. Have you always wanted to prepare a menu or just have your recipes and ideas but never got a chance?

It’s never too late to start. Usually, in life, we regret only what we have not done and tried. I still remember from school years when we were given pocket money for our mandatory service at training hotel, as I bought a very rare and expensive book about chocolate pastry making. I paid half of my money which received. I still have this book.

These are the things you will remember in your life all the time. If you feel it is time to change – do it. The road is always to be found. As an 11 year old, I dreamed of traveling around the world. Well, in the former communist regime it would be impossible. 20 years later, I fulfilled my dream. Naturally, my life journey took me around and finally arrived that time.

Maybe you have a dream about a beautiful little house on the hills. Follow this dream. Big things can also be done from small income. It takes time and patience. Everything comes at the right moment. But you must be ready for that moment. Don’t wait for a miracle, but get involved to the miracle.

Write your wishes, desires and goals on paper. Whatever they are. In this way, your thoughts materialize and gain that strength needed. You can have it written in your mobile notes, and whenever you need it, you can adjust it.

Once you have fulfilled your wishes, you will simply mark it as done and always add another. And you’ll see how it works. From the shoes in the shop window, through the new computer to the little house. These are material things, but you can also write that you wish to have harmony and peace in your family or you want to meet a loving partner for a journey of life.

Do not stop dreaming and looking forward. In today’s busy time we have forgotten to stop in the morning to see the sunrise, enjoy the blossoming flowers and the rain. Stop for a moment and think about it. When you start to enjoy small things, the big ones will follow. Somehow naturally, without much effort.

Summer and holiday time comes. Some will go to the mountains, some to the sea, and there are some that are happy with a grand ma garden for perfect relaxation. Plan, enjoy and live. If you feel like spending the summer different way, you can sign up for volunteer events. Repair the old castle, clean the mountains or water reservoir. You don’t have to spend weeks or months there. Sometimes the weekend will help and your mind to relax as it did not happen for a long time.

Organize events with your children, partner, parents, friends. To be clear that you have not only a friends you known in the virtual network but also the real with whom you can share joy and worry. Invite your old childhood friend to you for a glass of wine from a grandpa vineyard. Certainly fits well on hot summer evenings.

Do not be afraid to restore your childhood and youth friendship, contact neighbors who have moved away but have lived next to you for over thirty years. Allow yourself to relax a bit at your work, spread out your tasks so that you can do everything in time, but without stress. Without fear of time distress and fear of deadlines.

When driving, slow down and enjoy. How many times you passed the same way everyday and you don’t even know how. You just drove it very fast so you can be where you should be. Lighten up … let the nervous driver behind you which stick to your rear axle for the last 15 minutes and let him go. After all, you have time. You can safely reach your destination even 5 minutes later but with a good feeling.

Take the nephew to the movie he talks about. You will also feel better. You make someone happier and you get it back in another way. Open your path of happiness and well-being. The smiling mother is always better than the desperate one. Children feel safer, satisfied. And Daddy who looks over the bike after the winter season is the best. Start enjoying everyday little things.

It is June and you know that you will not lose weight to fit your bikini from last year. Give them away. And buy the yellow ones you looking at for a few moths on that shop. At the beginning of the season you will help yourself with a self tanning sunscreen and later will catch the real summer bronze.

The problem is never really a problem. It is necessary to think about the situation and always find a solution. We are people and we have a choice. And that’s exactly why we are humans. We are not all the same. And if we were, it would be boring.

Do not hesitate and follow your dreams!



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