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Live your dreams!!!!!!

Dream JOB… what is it like? First of all you have to enjoy and have fun. It doesn’t matter what you are paid for. If you’re not happy with it, it’s time to change. Read the following for inspiration. Traveling to Mexico or the Dominican Republic is always an experience. I’m writing it right now on the way to sunny Mexico. Yesterday we were in the Dominican Republic – just for a jump (4 hours). It was enough to bathe and burn on the beach. Blue water and beautiful sunset. Even factor 50 in the sunscreen did not help. I’m all red again. Well, I spent 4 hours before and 6 hours after at work. But the beach was worth it !! And on Friday I’ll be in the Bahamas again. I know it there. I’ve been there countless times over the last 20 years. This is my life. Get up at 6 am every morning and get ready for breakfast. After a four-hour shift, it will be a while off again, so I’ll go to that Greek café outside in the port where they have wifi and super buns, I’ll call home what’s new and on the way I will buy the perfume which already finished.It’s all planned on details. I must be back at work at 4.30 pm. Dressed with makeup – “actress on stage”. The beautiful photos I have on the social network have a background of discipline, hours of drills and life in a foreign environment. But every morning I get up with the idea of ​​”I have a dream job” and the money in the bank account is growing. Do you want to earn and travel? That was the slogan that tempted me to try something new. Although I come from below the Tatras where there are beautiful 4 year seasons, but the blue water of the sea and the beautiful sunset always attracted me. And since I have the opportunity, I spend the winter in the Caribbean. I quickly forgot about skis and ice skates and now my snorkeling mask is my best friend. And all the underwater colours are beautiful and interesting. From yellow to black. I never thought I’d see it once all myself . It was just to want, to dream and not to be discouraged. It is to say that everyone is the builder of their happiness. Start living your dreams !!!


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