I am fine and YOU?

I’m very good and how are you?

It’s not always easy but…. It always starts with but. And it’s up to you how it goes. We have situations here that we have never experienced, things happen to us that are completely new .

And now what about that? In the past, I read somewhere that the problem is as big as we allow it. Every problem has a solution and it’s all in our view of the matter. Since then, I’ll tell myself what the worst thing can happen to me if I solve the problem one way or another and finally… .I don’t have a problem!

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I try to learn something from every situation. From the good and the less pleasant. There are things that we will not change even if we try to. And these are exactly the ones that are moving us forward. Situations that we think nothing worse can happen and in a few years we remember them with a smile just like what helped us in our journey. In everyday life, there are many things that make our life easier and they will do the work for us so that we can devote ourselves to something else. An example is such a dishwasher. Years ago, I bought it to save water. And yes, I also belong to the category of what I don’t have to, I delegate. This machine allowed me to spend more time with my family or find a moment for myself without guilt that I can’t catch something. And this is how I can continue. There are a lot of things that make everyday life easier. It doesn’t matter if it’s a device, a program, or a person.

Now is the time when business has slowed down, the tourism, services and accommodation industry is at a freezing point. It is sad? Yes. Can we do something about it? Not really. It all depends on someone else. But what we can do is work on ourselves. Whether by training, education or building a system. The owners are still thinking about how to keep the workers, the workers how to support the family and the whole system is on the verge of collapse. Now is the right time to learn a new language, read a business book and consider how it can be improved.

Personally, I now have a period of creation. I am creating new articles, another book and thinking about what to do next. Where can I see myself in a year or two? This period of uncertainty that we are currently going through will end once. No one knows when yet, but life gives to ones who are ready. Choice is what makes us different. Everyone can choose. And you always have a choice. Yes, I can sit at home and cry over my miserable situation, but I can also get up and do something about it. Online marketing was a big unknown to me a year ago. I am in and continue. It opened my horizons, my possibilities. I also have a days when I don’t want to do anything or I don’t have inspiration. It was just like that last Saturday. Well, my husband cooked, took care of it, and my son let me rest with amazement on his face that he had probably never seen me at 1 in the afternoon in pajamas. I slept almost all day. That is also part of the life.

On Sunday I had so much energy that I also baked the cake according to my sister’s healthy recipe and it tasted pretty nice. Since we don’t visit now so much and don’t chat with friends and colleagues, I sometimes find it sad. Well, I’m not giving up. After all, the worst is over. We will soon go back to the new “normal” when we meet again, travel and fulfill our dreams.

Whether you are at home due to quarantine, current job loss or just in the meantime, do something for yourself. Write down on paper what you want, what fills you and also what you want to change. You have noticed that I am deliberately writing what you want to change, not what you would like to change. The difference is in thinking and understanding things. If you’re going to change that, then go for it. Learn to say no and live your dreams.

It doesn’t matter what people tells you or think. That’s how I have it. And how do YOU have it?

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