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Call center – is that job hard or easy?

Call center became more popular over this year. More companies are making customer service important and understood better the client’s needs. Call centers started to specialize more on personalize service and quality. Preparing and following training programs, getting more professional and hiring people who become experts in the industry very fast. Call centers has a lots of tasks. Some of them providing service for specific company, some are working on different projects at the same time. Some companies has their own center, some giving a work and projects to successful call centers which proved that can do it. Market is growing, requirements also.

Workers are trained to be polite, quick and go straight to the point. Customer has no idea who is talking to, that is why the reaction of call center workers has to be fast and professional. Customer has a problem and expect it to be solve fast. No one likes to wait long and be transferred to 3 different people to talk to. In company call centers this might be easier. All topics are clear, information is there. In multitasking call center is usually more personal changes and takes more time to find out what you looking for. In some cases multitasking call center can be more successful on projects like courtesy calls, information calls or sales. Important is the first 30 seconds, when is a need to catch attention. Clients are curious and want to know the topic fast. There are some rules, which are followed. To protect the workers and client, most of the calls are recorded. This has to be mentioned on the beginning after introduction. If a client is driving or doing some work, just offer to call another time. Client will appreciate it and next time will find a time for your call.

When you know that you will be available for work only late afternoon, tell this straight. Call center can reschedule your calls. Like this will be more comfort for a customer to be approach by the same caller. Some call centers are working 24 hours. Workers there are having a different shifts. Some hours are more busy than other. Explain this to your customers when they try to reach you later. This might take some time, but you call them back.

This work is like any other. Most important part is a knowledge and information. When you have them, success is guarantee. Some things can be learn by watching and observing. This is common practice when hiring a new member for the call team. First few hour is observing ant trying to make a successful phone calls. Learning here is everyday process.

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If this job is easy or hard for you depends a lot of your personality. This work might have monotony, where is only up to individual how can handle this. Repeating calls and procedures might be the everyday routine and one get used to it. Always the same questions and answers, no changes and comfort. If you like the same job from 9 to 5, this is right for you. On other hand, people with hyper activity can find this part difficult. When expecting yelling customers,this might be a right challenge. Different dialogues and troubleshooting might be the way. Open space for creativity which needs a strong background and knowledge.

Every day is different and challenging.

If you planning or working already in a call center, find your own reason and motivation. There is so many stories and myths. Make your own way and opinion. Like this will find your strength and weakness. You will find your limits, learn new topics, procedures.

Challenge is here. Decision is yours.

Call center is a part of customer service. Also having a professionals ready to assist and help.They grow and become more important in business. Working experience in one of them makes you think different – professional, customer oriented.

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