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Follow your dreams.


Follow your dreams

That's how it started

Hello, my name is Linda and I am a customer service coach. I am a woman who lives her dreams. My role is to provide an experience for the clients. Every hotel and restaurant wants to keep the customers return and get a new ones. Guests has to be attended from the first to the last moment. Even after they leave, care continues. This is my dream job which gave me an opportunity to travel around the world, learn in the best restaurants and hotels, passing this experience and I believe that you can get there also.

Not always it has been like this.

It all started somewhere in my childhood. I dreamed about the distance, the white beaches and the blue sea. There was also a Cuban crocodile farm. I spent long winter evenings dreaming about what will be once. And after the glorious revolution, I began to feel even greater hope that my dreams will come true.


Start to dream

I was just a happy student who has to go to college to get better life. I went to high school, which I chose myself and the university they took me to. Well, believe me, it was boring for me. So I started to dream of being an airline stewardess once. Beautifully dressed and smile on the face - just like the one I  seen in catalog at mom's work.

Well, what hasn't happened. For the flight attendants they only took girls above 165 cm! And there my dream ended even faster than it started ...

 I chose to specialize in catering and tourism. At that time, I had no idea what it was. But after graduation I got into the American competitive environment. And that was a bomb! 

All I have learned so far has been only a bit compare what was waiting for me. All the new rules, foreign language, other culture, etc. I was alone and lost in it. I started to learn everything and especially fast.

I cried too many times. The phone calls with my parents were once a month and there wasn't much to talk about. BUT ... I did it! And so today I want to share my experience and knowledge with you . The informations comes to you, maybe right in the living room, where you sit comfortably in your chair.

Recently I was looking for informations about hospitality and did find.... NOTHING! I started to think about how to do it all and set it up that  young generation will not be afraid of responsibility and self-care. Getting a dream job is easier than you think. Gives you freedom of yourself, your thinking, your being. Customer care is not easy but with training and experience all goals are achievable.

eBbooks will give you the way to get oriented in the basics of service, hospitality and customers needs. You will find what is the best for you and your business. You can improve your professional and personal life. This is all up to you.

eBooks are gradually explaining where to start, the different techniques and advices. At the end you will work  to realize what your dream job is and how you can succseed on what you do.

This is a beginning of living your dream !!!

Here is some tips to see how it works:

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